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X-WK Logistics is an independent and private freight forwarding company having its roots in Turku, Finland. We challenge the forwarding market with a completely new way of thinking and operating.

Our global service business relies on our outstanding network of partners, together with whom we have been in close co-operation through decades. Our operations are based on our customers’ needs and we focus our energy in serving them accordingly.


  • Our operations are based on customers’ needs.
  • We focus our energy on customer service.
  • We rely on our longtime network partners.




We rely on our longtime network partners all around the world."

Recent News

New worker The Crafter

Recognize our new VW Crafter moving around Turku area.

We support Team Rynkeby 2019

X-WK Logistics supports Team Rynkeby 2019 with Gold sponsorhip.

Team Rynkeby - God Morgon


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